Moving to Florida From a Different State? Get your child’s IEP reviewed before you relocate and before you have your first IEP meeting in Florida.


Tracy P.

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Pam Lindemann and her staff have been key to our son’s success in school. They always advocate and support our son with his best interest in mind. Our son would not be as successful and would not have the proper support in place had we not had Pam with us to advocate for him. Our family recommends The IEP Advocate to anyone who needs an advocate or needs help navigating the school system with an IEP.

Sarah S.

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For the first time in years of IEP meetings, we felt like we were heard & able to make the necessary progress to update the IEP. There is absolutely NO way we would have been able to get the changes made without the expertise & intensity of our IEP Advocate. This is the first meeting I haven’t cried during because I knew he was getting everything he needed. I would recommend this for ANYONE with autistic children regardless of difficulties with the school. Worth absolutely every penny. Just can’t say enough good things. It is like a dark cloud that has been hanging over is gone and my son is looking forward to succeeding. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Terrie D.

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The IEP meeting I had at the school which included an Advocate was a COMPLETELY different experience from all the others preceding it. School staff was attentive and helpful, and the meeting was *very* well attended. All prior meetings felt as if they were attended begrudgingly by a very few pertinent staff members. I had felt like I was being treated like an idiot, and like my son was lazy and “just needed to do the work”. Once an IEP Advocate was there, it seemed all of a sudden that school staff had a lot of respect for me and for my son’s needs. An excellent plan was put in place for him which made the rest of that year very successful.

Joannie D.

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Working with The IEP Advocate has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  My son has had an IEP since kindergarten and not until switching counties this last year did I feel the pain of having my son struggle because his needs were not met and my questions never truly answered. I had my first IEP review meeting with the school and my advocate completely dominated the meeting and we got what we wanted and more. Never again will I attend any of those meetings without my advocate and Pam’s guidance. They are a true blessing! Even if you are at a “good” school, I suggest you attend those meetings with a knowledgeable advocate from Pam’s team. You are only doing your child and their future a favor!

Jack and Kim M.

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Thanks to The IEP Advocate, our daughter’s IEP stayed the same (which we wanted), and with the McKay scholarship funds we received we were able to send her to private school at no cost to us. She is blossoming at her new school, and we could not be happier! Thank you IEP Advocates and sweet Pam for all your help! Our daughter has a bright future in front of her, and you played a major role in that!

Tony M.

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Our advocate was incredible! She helped us get more from the school during our initial IEP meeting.  She also gave us great advice beforehand along with Pam. We also received great recommendations for resources and grants. They are truly there to help you, as the public school system obviously has their own selfish agenda. I’m looking forward to our next meeting with The IEP Advocate and the school and would not dream of doing a school meeting without an advocate after going through this.

Chanell W.

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The IEP Advocate was the greatest blessing for my son. Speaking with Pam Lindemann and knowing that she understands what you are going through as a concerned parent really helped to prepare me for the 2nd meeting. Pam educated me on different sections of the IEP to make sure I understood certain things that were listed. The meeting was beyond EXCELLENT with Pam’s impeccable knowledge, advocating for our son. It was music to our ears and a song written in our hearts. We are truly grateful for The IEP Advocate and HIGHLY recommend them to any parent who needs assistance with getting the best plan for your child/children!!

Julie M.

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Thank goodness we had The IEP Advocate at our annual review. We will be meeting with the IEP team again in a month with her. The counties are trying to cut as much as they can and without our advocate it would have been terrible. She fought for what is best for our son, and I will not attend any meetings in the future without her. Thank goodness for Pam Lindemann and her team.

Teresa K.

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The meeting went PERFECT! I really felt a true difference having your advocate there at the meeting. I was treated much differently, with more respect, by the school staff than in the previous meeting. In this meeting I was well heard, and the team truly considered my daughter’s problems. I could not have asked for a better outcome, and my money was well spent and worth it! Thank you so much.

Megan Lee

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Pam Lindemann’s team took the time to understand my child’s needs. Their advocate who worked with me has empowered me with knowledge, strength, and unwavering determination to make sure that my child has the opportunity to have her voice heard, as well as a fighting chance to get what she needs to be successful. Pam’s team is the last straw that had to be drawn to help cease any doubts that I had done everything that I could, and left no stone unturned. The peace of mind and success of my child is worth every penny!

Tracy D.

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The IEP Advocate represented my son in a professional caring way, as if it was their own child. I was lost to all the terminology with the school officials, however, Pam Lindemann explained everything to me and made sure that my son was going to receive the proper education that he has not been receiving. It is like a dark cloud that has been hanging over is gone and my son is looking forward to succeeding. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Sarah C.

Class of 2019

I have fought the school for two years to get my daughter an IEP. The school always said she wouldn’t qualify, but she kept getting worse. I have only taken two sessions of the course so far, but you have changed my life and my daughter’s life. I did everything outlined in the training to get the school to evaluate my daughter. I wrote the letter exactly how you recommended. I emailed the principal exactly how you said, and I left the exact phone messages you suggested. The result? The principal called me within two hours after getting my letter and phone messages and asked me to come to the school the next morning to sign the paperwork to get the IEP process started. Incredible! I wish I could hug you right now!

Karen P.

Class of 2015

Pam Lindemann has an incredible ability to take very complex principles and break them down into simple language that any parent can understand. I loved all her personal stories about different meetings she attended and how she handled real-life situations. It helped me remember the concepts better. These were some of the most enlightening, educational and inspiring sessions I’ve ever taken.

Katrina M.

Class of 2017

As a parent, I was always intimidated by IEP meetings. I hated them. I felt stupid, lost and frustrated because I never felt like anything was accomplished in the meetings. I didn’t understand the terminology, the process, none of it. This course changed it all. I realized that a lot of things the school should be doing for my son, they actually weren’t! I learned that they lied to me about a lot of things. How I wish I had taken this course several years ago. It would have saved me a lot of frustration and allowed me to help my son even more.

Maria T.

Class of 2018

I taught special education for 25 years. I had no idea how much the schools were supposed to help kids who were struggling. I thought I knew, but I didn’t. Toward the end of my teaching career, I really started to see changes in how the schools were reacting to children who needed help. In short, it seemed to me they were working harder to avoid giving services than actually trying to help the child. It was sickening. You opened my eyes to so much.

Barbara G.

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Pam Lindemann is beyond the best in town. She will advocate for your child as if he/she was her own. Her honest opinion will blow your mind. Knowledge, kind, strong, quick, etc. I can’t say enough about this business! Worth every penny! She knows the system, she knows everyone, she knows what is best, and she is wise!! I am so grateful I found Pam and her extraordinary team!!! Thank you so much for everything you have done!