Moving to Florida From a Different State? Get your child’s IEP reviewed before you relocate and before you have your first IEP meeting in Florida.

How We Help​

✓ Creation of IEPs or 504 Plans from scratch 

✓ Review & improvement of existing documents 

✓ Negotiations with the school on your behalf 

✓ Assistance with state complaints and due process cases 

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Whether It’s Just Reviewing the IEP, or Providing Full Blown Support, We Give You Our All and Nothing Less!

  • Write a new IEP or 504 Plan from scratch, taking into consideration not only your child’s official report cards and medical documents but also their personality and your own input into what your child needs.

  • Review and provide improvement recommendations of an existing education plan, or any additional documents you need to create and enforce an individual education plan for your child.
  • Participate in the meetings with your school and advocate for your child on your behalf.
  • Prepare and file state complaints when the school district doesn’t follow the IEP.
  • Attend manifestation meetings if your child is at risk for being expelled or forced to change schools.

Already Have an IEP? Your Child Deserves a Better One.

If you got an IEP without the help of an advocate, chances are, it’s not as good as it could (and should) be.

Did you know that in addition to support in reading, math or writing, school districts are obligated to help your child develop organizational, social and communication skills, provide behavioral counseling, and help with staying focused?

95% of the IEPs we review have either insufficient support or don’t specify how your child’s progress will be tracked well enough to hold the school accountable for following the IEP.

We’ll review your child’s IEP and make improvement suggestions to get your child the best support possible.

Moving to Florida From a Different State?

Get your child’s IEP reviewed in advance.

Florida is notorious for rewriting out-of-state IEPs, removing a lot of services and weakening the education plan.

So, if you’re planning to move to Florida, call us in advance, while your child is still attending their school. We’ll review the child’s existing IEP and make recommendations on how it should be rewritten so that the integrity of the plan your child has now stays in place.

Don’t go to your IEP meeting alone.

Many new Florida residents go into an IEP meeting and are told, “We don’t do that in Florida” or “The service is the same. We just call it something different,” while in fact, the school is changing the type of service or reducing the amount of time.

Want to make sure your child is getting the best support possible in their new school? Take one of our advocates to the meeting with you.

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It Just Takes Two Steps

To Help Your Child Succeed in School...and Life
STEP ONE: Schedule a free call

Schedule a free 15-minute call with us to describe your situation and decide how you’d like us to help. Below are the most typical ways we can support you in your fight for your child’s education, along with the respective fees.

Below are the most typical ways we can support you in your fight for your child’s right to thrive, along with the respective fees.

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Option A: Document Review and Consultation

Send us all your documents for a review (e.g., a copy of your child’s current education plan, report cards, emails from the school, evaluations, behavior reports—anything that helps us understand how your child is performing in school), together with any questions you may have.

We’ll review them, provide recommendations to help you reach your objectives, and answer all your questions in a consultation phone call with a certified advocate.

Note: After the call, most parents tell us they are so relieved, that for the first time they feel hope, and that most – if not all – of the stress they felt before the call has gone away! We’d love to do the same for you!

Fee: $300

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Option B: The Annual Advocate Support Plan

For a full year you’ll receive:

  • Your own personal advocate to work with you and manage your case.

  • An in-depth phone consultation to review your entire case history, all your documents, discuss your objectives and an action plan to make it all happen.
  • Email and phone communication during the year.
  • Correspondence with the school district on your behalf when needed.

Fee: $450 per year

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Option C: Attend Meetings With You

Some parents just want to pick our brains, get advice, and go to the meetings on their own. That’s fine with us, but if want us to attend a meeting with you, we’ll happily do so and negotiate with the school on your behalf.

The schools know and fear us, and you’d be amazed by how different they’ll treat your concerns with your IEP Advocate present.

Some cases may require higher fees due to their complexity and the difficulty from the school district. Not to worry: We’ll always keep you in the loop and will discuss any additional fees with you in advance. How you want to move ahead is always up to you.


  • Virtual meeting: $275 per meeting

  • Physical meeting on location within Florida: $350 per meeting

STEP TWO: Sign the agreement and take a breath. We've got it from here.

After the initial call you’ll receive our agreement and a link to make payment. You’ll also receive a list of all the documents you need to send so we can get to work as soon as possible.

Once the signed agreement, payment, and the necessary documents are received, you’ll be assigned your very own Personal Certified IEP Advocate and they’ll start working on your case right away.

We Love Our Parents and They Love Us!