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We help parents get the school to approve and follow individual education plans for their children who are struggling in school. Even if the school is saying “no” to you, we’ll get them to say “yes” to us.

You know your child is struggling at school and needs help, but…

The school is just not budging.

They begrudgingly schedule a meeting. Dismiss your concern. Cite some excuses. 

You think maybe they are already doing everything they can. Don’t they want what’s best for your child, too?

But your child’s grades keep sliding. They are clearly struggling. So you lie awake at night, feeling helpless and sick with worry.

Your child deserves better. And the school is legally obligated to do better.

We know the law and the game the school is playing. We know how to hold them accountable and make them cooperate. And we won’t stop fighting till we get the best possible support for your child.

Better report cards. Happier child. Happier you.

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Get an education plan that will make your child thrive

We’ll help you get a new Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 502 plan for your special needs child, or review an existing one to make sure they are getting the best support possible.

We will:

  • Write a new or review and improve an existing IEP or 504 plan
  • Participate in the meetings with your school and advocate for your child on your behalf
  • Prepare and file state complaints when the school district doesn’t follow the IEP
  • Attend manifestation meetings when children are at risk for being expelled or forced to change schools because of behavioral issues
  • Assist you with due process cases

Become an IEP Advocate

Tired of helplessly watching your child struggle? Fed up with the school’s excuses and inaction?

Take the fate of your child in your own hands. Learn how to fight for their rights and get them the support they deserve.

We’ll teach you:

  • How to decide whether your child needs an IEP or a 504 plan
  • What rights your child has according to the law
  • How to get a free evaluation from the school district
  • What you need to prepare for a school meeting, what to say, when, what questions to ask them, how to answer their questions, etc.
  • How to hold your school accountable after the meeting
  • How to write a successful IEP and make the school follow it

Bonus: Ready-to-use templates for documents, phone calls, and email messages to make communication with your school more effective.

Why us?

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The school will finally take you seriously.

Because they fear us.

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Your case will have a 95% chance of success.

Because we don't give up.

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We'll fight for your child like for our own.

Because we know what you're going through.

Parents & children success stories

These are some success stories of the parents and their children we helped in the past. Your story could be next.

Jim and Katie reached out to us because Jacob, their 2nd grader, wasn’t making progress in school. Jacob has a medical diagnosis of ADHD and autism. 

The public school was supposed to be providing extra academic help, but Jacob was not advancing. He also had a hard time focusing in the classroom and needed help to stay on task and complete assignments.

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For two years, a mom has been asking the school to provide help to her 4th grader who had a diagnosis of ADHD. The school kept refusing.

“Your child is getting good grades. He won’t qualify for an IEP,” they told her. “He’s really smart.  He just has to learn how to focus and stop being silly and disruptive.”

They even blamed the mom for her son’s behavior, implying she wasn’t setting enough boundaries at home.

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I taught special education for 25 years. I had no idea how much the schools were supposed to help kids who were struggling. I thought I knew, but I didn’t. Toward the end of my teaching career, I really started to see changes in how the schools were reacting to children who needed help. In short, it seemed to me they were working harder to avoid giving services than actually trying to help the child. It was sickening. You opened my eyes to so much.

Maria T.

Class of 2018

As a parent, I was always intimidated by IEP meetings. I hated them. I felt stupid, lost and frustrated because I never felt like anything was accomplished in the meetings. I didn’t understand the terminology, the process, none of it. This course changed it all. I realized that a lot of things the school should be doing for my son, they actually weren’t! I learned that they lied to me about a lot of things. How I wish I had taken this course several years ago. It would have saved me a lot of frustration and allowed me to help my son even more.

Katrina M.

Class of 2017

Pam Lindemann and her staff have been key to our son’s success in school. They always advocate and support our son with his best interest in mind. Our son would not be as successful and would not have the proper support in place had we not had Pam with us to advocate for him. Our family recommends The IEP Advocate to anyone who needs an advocate or needs help navigating the school system with an IEP.

Tracy P.

Source: Google Reviews

Pam Lindemann’s team took the time to understand my child’s needs. Their advocate who worked with me has empowered me with knowledge, strength, and unwavering determination to make sure that my child has the opportunity to have her voice heard, as well as a fighting chance to get what she needs to be successful. Pam’s team is the last straw that had to be drawn to help cease any doubts that I had done everything that I could, and left no stone unturned. The peace of mind and success of my child is worth every penny!

Megan Lee

Source: Google Reviews

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