Become an IEP Advocate

An online program for parents and caretakers who want to help their children thrive at school
An online program for parents and caretakers who want to help their children thrive at school

Here's What's Inside

12 pre-recorded teaching modules, 2 hours each

Go through the modules as it fits your schedule, taking them as fast or as slow as you need.

A weekly live Q&A session with your instructor

Discuss a weekly topic with your instructor or one of the guest speakers (e.g., a speech language pathologist or a certified behavior analyst) to get all of your questions answered, share your thoughts, and receive additional tips.
Can’t participate? Watch a recording later.

Additional resources

Templates, checklists, and examples that help you prepare for the IEP meetings, communicate with the school, and track your child’s progress much easier.

•   A certificate of completion

•   Access to all course materials for 12 months

Meet Your Instructor

Hi. I’m Pam Lindemann, the founder of
The IEP Advocate and your instructor.
Hi. I’m Pam Lindemann, the founder of The IEP Advocate and your instructor.

I’ve been advocating for children’s special education rights for the past 25 years. First, for my own daughter who was born with cerebral palsy. Then, for other kids who needed my help.

In 2003, I became the voice of parents at the state level, joining a state policy board for early intervention and education.

In 2009, I founded The IEP Advocate, the first ever organization of IEP advocates in Florida.

During my career as an IEP advocate, I have attended over 1,000 IEP meetings and conducted several hundreds of webinars and trainings to help parents and caregivers understand how much influence you have over the education of your children.

I want you to feel empowered.

I want you to go into an IEP meeting confident, shoulders back, looking everyone in the eye and demanding that everyone looks at you with respect they deserve.

And I want you to walk out of the meeting feeling triumphant and say, “Damn! We did it!”

Because you can get the public school system to help your child. And this course will show you how to do that.

Pam Lindemann

Founder and President       


Enroll Today. Spots Are Limited!

Your investment: $700

Or 3 monthly installments of $250

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try this course risk-free. If after two weeks you decide it is not for you, you’ll get a full refund.

Try this course risk-free. If after two weeks you decide it is not for you, you’ll get a full refund.

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Course Outline

Session 1

Live Q&A


The difference between IEP’s and 504 Plans: When to use which, and why

Session 2

Live Q&A


IEP eligibility process: What you need to know to make sure the school won’t mislead you into believing your child doesn’t need additional support

Session 3

Live Q&A


How to get free evaluations from the school district: What evaluation type to choose and how to challenge evaluation results

Session 4

Live Q&A


IEP meeting strategies: How to prepare properly for a meeting, participate in it with confidence, and follow up for better results

Session 5

Live Q&A


Holding the school accountable with procedural safeguards: Know your rights and school’s legal obligations, what documents to ask the school for after your IEP meeting and how to evaluate them

Session 6

Live Q&A


Getting support beyond academic skills: What other types of support to ask for that the school is responsible to give your child the best shot in thriving at school

Session 7

Live Q&A


Writing a successful IEP, Part 1 – Structure: What sections to include and in what order

Session 8

Live Q&A


Writing a successful IEP, Part 2 – Writing it out: How to make sure your child’s IEP is written in a way that always holds your school accountable and truly helps your child thrive

Session 9

Live Q&A


Writing a successful IEP, Part 3 – Goals: How to choose realistic goals, make the school follow them, and hold them accountable if they don’t

Session 10

Live Q&A


Behavior assessment & intervention plan: What to do if your child has behavior challenges at school; how to create, request, and review a positive behavior intervention plan

Session 11

Live Q&A


Mediation, state complaint, and due process: What to do if you disagree with the school and how to choose the best way to make the school cooperate

Session 12

Live Q&A


Extended school year, access points, and post-high school transition: How to determine if your child qualifies for additional services from the district during the summer, how to use access points to help your child keep up with their classes better, and what important post-graduation skills should the school help your child develop

13 Years. 1,000's of Happy Parents and Children

This one-of-a-kind online program—now in its 13th year—has empowered hundreds of parents and caregivers to fight for their children’s rights. Here’s what some of them have to say.

As a parent, I was always intimidated by IEP meetings. I hated them. I felt stupid, lost and frustrated because I never felt like anything was accomplished in the meetings. I didn’t understand the terminology, the process, none of it. This course changed it all. I realized that a lot of things the school should be doing for my son, they actually weren’t! I learned that they lied to me about a lot of things. How I wish I had taken this course several years ago. It would have saved me a lot of frustration and allowed me to help my son even more.

Katrina M.

Class of 2017

Our advocate was incredible! She helped us get more from the school during our initial IEP meeting.  She also gave us great advice beforehand along with Pam. We also received great recommendations for resources and grants. They are truly there to help you, as the public school system obviously has their own selfish agenda. I’m looking forward to our next meeting with The IEP Advocate and the school and would not dream of doing a school meeting without an advocate after going through this.

Tony M.

Source: Google Reviews

The IEP Advocate was the greatest blessing for my son. Speaking with Pam Lindemann and knowing that she understands what you are going through as a concerned parent really helped to prepare me for the 2nd meeting. Pam educated me on different sections of the IEP to make sure I understood certain things that were listed. The meeting was beyond EXCELLENT with Pam’s impeccable knowledge, advocating for our son. It was music to our ears and a song written in our hearts. We are truly grateful for The IEP Advocate and HIGHLY recommend them to any parent who needs assistance with getting the best plan for your child/children!!

Chanell W.

Source: Google Reviews

Pam Lindemann’s team took the time to understand my child’s needs. Their advocate who worked with me has empowered me with knowledge, strength, and unwavering determination to make sure that my child has the opportunity to have her voice heard, as well as a fighting chance to get what she needs to be successful. Pam’s team is the last straw that had to be drawn to help cease any doubts that I had done everything that I could, and left no stone unturned. The peace of mind and success of my child is worth every penny!

Megan Lee

Source: Google Reviews

I taught special education for 25 years. I had no idea how much the schools were supposed to help kids who were struggling. I thought I knew, but I didn’t. Toward the end of my teaching career, I really started to see changes in how the schools were reacting to children who needed help. In short, it seemed to me they were working harder to avoid giving services than actually trying to help the child. It was sickening. You opened my eyes to so much.

Maria T.

Class of 2018

Thanks to Pam Lindemann, our daughter’s IEP stayed the same (which we wanted), and with the McKay scholarship funds we received we were able to send her to private school at no cost to us. She is blossoming at her new school, and we could not be happier! Thank you IEP Advocates and sweet Pam for all your help! Our daughter has a bright future in front of her, and you played a major role in that!

Jack and Kim M.

Source: Client feedback via email

The IEP meeting I had at the school which included an Advocate was a COMPLETELY different experience from all the others preceding it. School staff was attentive and helpful, and the meeting was *very* well attended. All prior meetings felt as if they were attended begrudgingly by a very few pertinent staff members. I had felt like I was being treated like an idiot, and like my son was lazy and “just needed to do the work”. Once an IEP Advocate was there, it seemed all of a sudden that school staff had a lot of respect for me and for my son’s needs. An excellent plan was put in place for him which made the rest of that year very successful.

Terrie D.

Source: Google Reviews

Oh, my gosh! In the first session alone, I learned more from Pam Lindemann about special education than I did working 10 years in the public school system as a teacher. I had no idea how many rights parents have. Now, I’m ashamed to say that the school district I worked for lied to me about so many things just so they didn’t have to pay for services for kids who needed them. I wish I had this information years ago. I could have helped so many more kids.

Amy T.

Class of 2020

I took this course because my 3-year-old son was just diagnosed with autism. I think it’s going to be a long haul getting him through school, and I don’t know anything about special education. I knew I would learn some things because, after all, I started with nothing. But I didn’t expect to learn so much! It was incredibly eye-opening, and even though I’ve only had a couple IEP meetings, I could relate to some of the stories Pam Lindemann told of how schools try to get out of providing help. Thank you so much, Pam. Now, I’m much better prepared to help my son.

Carlos F.

Class of 2019

The meeting went PERFECT! I really felt a true difference having your advocate there at the meeting. I was treated much differently, with more respect, by the school staff than in the previous meeting. In this meeting I was well heard, and the team truly considered my daughter’s problems. I could not have asked for a better outcome, and my money was well spent and worth it! Thank you so much.

Teresa K.

Source: Client feedback via email

Pam Lindemann and her staff have been key to our son’s success in school. They always advocate and support our son with his best interest in mind. Our son would not be as successful and would not have the proper support in place had we not had Pam with us to advocate for him. Our family recommends The IEP Advocate to anyone who needs an advocate or needs help navigating the school system with an IEP.

Tracy P.

Source: Google Reviews

Pam Lindemann has an incredible ability to take very complex principles and break them down into simple language that any parent can understand. I loved all her personal stories about different meetings she attended and how she handled real-life situations. It helped me remember the concepts better. These were some of the most enlightening, educational and inspiring sessions I’ve ever taken.

Karen P.

Class of 2015

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